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PE Car Cover


The meaning of Disposable Plastic Car Cover is a temporary and easily mobile garage for your car. It is simple but helpful.

All weather covers for your Car, Truck, Van or Suv. Guard your vehicle against dust, dirt, rain, snow and more.

Helps to keep your vehicle clean by preventing birds from leaving their droppings on it.

Will keep your vehicle protected from heavy rain showers that would otherwise end up rusting your car if you have even the tiniest scratch, acid rain, and the sun which fades the color of your vehicle over time.

Tough, temperature resistant polyethylene disposable car covers are an alternative to masking paper and protect cars from dust, dirt, grease and water. Cover and tape in a fraction of the time and save up to 60% on labor and materials. 1.0 mil thick. Available in 2 sizes: ‘‘Import Fitted’’ made for smaller vehicles and ‘Domestic Fitted’ made for larger vehicles.

For the high clear performance, the PE car cover should be make of LLDPE plastic material, and featured rubber elastic band on the bottom. The rubber band is good enough to make sure fixed well with your car.

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